Ikenotaira hotel & Resort.

Welcome you to COLORFUL RESORT

Welcome you to Ikenotaira hotel & Resort.

Experience Ikenotaira Hotel & Resort - family fun in luxury and style.
Ikenotaira Hotel & Resort is a traditional Japanese resorts infused with contemporary style. We embody the vision, "Home! Sweet Home! <ORA GA MURA> ", and is dedicated to upholding the standard of Japanese hospitality. Ikenotaira Hotel & Resort is a resort offering an array of attractive features and activities to entertain whole family (for both Summer & Winter recreational enthusiasts). Enjoy our delicious buffet, and Relax at our fabulous hot spa with your children.

the sprit of OMOTENASHI

The Shirakaba highland's fresh air acts as a kind of therapy for city dwellers. You can see rich nature and friendly locals, instead of hustle and bustle of the city.

Unlike summer season when the area is crowded with Japanese tourists, in wintertime the lake attracts many visitors from other parts of Asia and the West. Friendly staff member at our hotel, fluent in both English and Asian (Singaporean,Taiwanese,and more) is happy to offer you advice on touring the neighborhood.

Through the years, our philosophy has been OMOTENASHI from a caring guests. Ikenotaira Hotel & Resort has always believed in the unique characteristics encapsulated by traditional hospitality. Our commitment to providing guests with distinctive OMOTENASHI and service enables us to stand out amongst our peers.

Enter Ikenotaira Hotel & Resort and experience the spirit of OMOTENASHI or traditional hospitality.

Reservation over the telephone: +81-0266-68-2100 (10:30am–18:30pm) GMT+9

(10:30am–18:30pm) GMT+9