SHIRAKABA Lake Season Information

About Lake Shirakaba-ko

Shirakaba-ko is a lake that is up to 9 meters deep, and about 4,600 feet elevation above sea level. It is located at the western foot of Mt.Tateshina-yama (8,301 feet) in the northern part of Chino City, Nagano Prefecture, and belongs to Yatsugatake Chushin Kogen Quasi-National Park. Visitors can cruise the lake between Mt. Kuruma-yama and Mt. Tateshina-yama by tour boats or pedal boats. You can also enjoy bycycling lakeside, and there are also camp fields.

Breezy Spring <Cycling>

Spring is the best season to enjoy outdoor activities. How about visiting places on a bike and feeling the refreshing breeze as you zoom along?
 Lake Shirakaba-ko Lakeside Road is a fantastic route to see the beautiful landscape . This lakeside road provides a safe, off-road family route taking in views of the lake and wildlife. There are viewing points along the walks with benches to rest your legs and enjoy a picnic. You will find interpretation boards along the walks with information on flora and fauna.

strawberry picking (PDF)

Blooming Summer <Hiking>

Why don't you come to enjoy the beautiful nature life in Japan? Here is the foot of Mt.Tateshina-yama, known as one of the Best 100 Japanese Mountains, where are surrounded by beautiful white birch trees. For the hikers, take cableway to the middle of the Mountain and walk down to watch the alpine floras at Gosensui-Natural Garden. Here also cows and horses are grazing at Tateshina Ranch in green season. For the freakent runners, Lake Shirakaba-ko is the best place for high altitude training, because it is 4,600 feet from the sea level.

Harvest Autumn <Art and Landscape>

Art lovers accustomed to the exhibitions of galleries in Tokyo--among the finest in the world--may turn up their noses at the area's quaint museums, but it's fun to explore the art centers dotting this quiet countryside. One highlight is the World Silhouette Museum, which features the fairytale-like works of Seiji Fujishiro (Museum of Silhouette pictures, cut piece pictures, Bohemian glasses and music boxes).Tateshina Teddy Bear Museum with its collection of 5,000 teddy bears from all over the world. And, of course, the Shirakaba landscape itself is a masterpiece.

Snowy Winter <Skiing>

There are several ski complexes located in and around the lake. The Shirakaba Resort Ski Slopes is a convenient ski resort with two ski lifts 230 feet of vertical descent. Not only we are the family friendly Ski complex , it's a perfect place for beginners to start Ski Experince , Practice here ,before you have your ski debubt in Hakuba .  2 in 1 Ski Slopes offer eleven runs for beginners and intermediates alike. For those who want to schuss in peace, Shirakaba International Ski Slopes doesn't allow snowboarders, who tend to be more daring with their descents. Another option for those traveling by car is Kurumayama Highland Ski Slopes--accessible via the Venus Line, a scenic road that overlooks the entire Lake Shirakaba and surrounding areas.

The seven ski areas around the Kurumayama Highlands boast 80% clear days and the 360-degree panorama vista provides views of Mt. Fuji, the Japanese Alps, Mount Asama and Yatsugatake. The high elevation means great skiing conditions, and the area is known for its long, dependable season (typically from early December to early April). Convenient access from both the Chuo and Joshin'etsu Expressways.

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