Hot springs ( ONSEN )

Ikenotaira onsen

After a long day, hot springs are waiting for you. Ikenotaira Hotel & Resort is blessed with quality hot springs. The open-air baths commanding panoramic mountain views of Lake are very popular. There are several facilities which offer hot spring baths in the neighborhood, and you can enjoy a variety of bathing experiences.

Open-air Spring

Our largest Open-air Spring in Nagano prefecture, is 165 square meters. Viewing the Kurumayama and scenery of different season make you feel relax. Your usual tiredness is healed by an openhearted space - Open-air Spring. Besides, Hinoki onsen, ceramic sauna, etc.

Hinoki - Onsen
Enjoy the view of open-air hot spring while inside the wooden Hinoki onsen.

Ceramic Sauna
Long wave Infrared (IR) rate make your body warmed and release your stress.


Opening Hours 16:00 - 24:30 (reservation required)

After relaxing in the Onsen try pampering yourself with a beauty treatment to leave your skin feeling rejuvenated and moisturized. Other options include reflexology and muscle relaxation treatments.

Popular treatment packages at Spa by Phyto Nature
These are the most popular treatment packages at eau SPA by Phyto Nature.We provide total body care by combining a relaxing body treatment with a treatment to suit the condition of your skin. Treat yourself to a blissfully relaxing experience that pampers your body and soul.

This body treatment features lavish use of Phyto Nature ' popular best-selling body oil to provide excellent fatigue relief.
This hands-on massage relieves the physical and mental fatigue that builds up over the course of the day. The effectiveness of the treatment is enhanced by the blissfully soothing temperature and aroma of Phyto Nature plant oil, which you can select according to how you feel on the day. Relax as the stress melts away leaving you feeling refreshed in both mind and body.


Reservation over the telephone: +81-0266-68-2100 (10:30am–18:30pm) GMT+9

(10:30am–18:30pm) GMT+9