Dishes that make you smile when you see them and taste them
Using ingredients and seasonings from around the world while retaining the tradition of seasonal Japanese cooking, we serve a cuisine that offers a safe, happy satisfaction, such as KAISEKI (individually served exclusive Japanese dishes), as well as newly created dishes.
Cuisines which bring Happiness
Dishes to be tasted with EYES and TONGUE
In Ikenotaira Hotel&Resort, we promise you a flavor of country-side you can find nowhere in the city. Like a spring breeze brushes through your taste buds; red leaves wash down your throat, customers can savor the seasonal change in form of food. Ikenotaira Hotel&Resort proudly presents its dishes using a selection of fresh homegrown ingredients from local farms. Not simply serving food to satisfy hunger, we cherish every story behind the ingredients. Nagano prefecture in an inland region. Mountain and its vegetation is a gift from God to the natives. Everything from the land have been being treasured with a thankful heart. Imagine! What can be more luxurious to enjoy the natural gifts right at its land of origin. Other than the freshly harvested vegies, we gather ingredients and spices all round the world so as to delivery an authentic gourmet feast. From traditional Japanese Multi-Course menus to contemporary fusion recipe, there is no shortage of gastronomy here in Ikenotaira's table. Certainly there shall be more than one dish can satisfy your appetite.

Chef Atsushi Mugishima
Awaken by the spiritual call of Japanese Food's beauty, Chef Mugishima began his cooking journey. Having his skills polished in some of the most renowned traditional Japanese Restaurant like "Minokichi", he finally joined Ikenotaira Hotel&Resort at 2005.
With the mission of delivery the seasonal change via an array of recipe, Chef Mugishima continues to pull off delicious cuisines for real. Every bite in your mouth is a heartfelt combination of our chef's traditional master skills and ever-changing innovative ideas.